What do people say?

Read the reviews and experiences of clients who have benefited from our hypnotherapy and mind coaching services. We understand that sharing personal stories about mental health can be challenging, which is why we deeply appreciate our clients’ courage in doing so.

We hope these reviews provide insight and encouragement. If something resonates with you, please feel free to reach out – we’re here to support your journey to better mental health.

Reviews An anxiety free and confident smiling woman.


“Coming to Control and Change hypnotherapy has changed my life! I am singing his praises and sharing reviews with my friends and family.

Paul has enabled me to take control of my own mind so I am no longer controlled by fear and anxiety.”


“If you are struggling with grief (or anxiety/depression) and are in need of some help, I couldn’t recommend Paul enough.  He really has helped me in ways beyond what I thought possible and I couldn’t be more grateful.

The icing on the cake is my husband’s reaction in noticing a difference in my energy, motivation and how much better I am at engaging with people again.


Reviews An adult woman smiling happily with her grandmother
Reviews Four teenagers on a bench using their mobile phones without anxiety

“After months of my daughter suffering with anxiety and being in a state of hysterics every evening, I arranged for her to see Paul. He discussed the reasons behind her anxiety.

I can’t thank Paul enough. Throughout the process he has been very  engaged in helping my daughter.

She has since had a clearer idea of what she wants to do in the future, applying for university and actively searching for jobs, which would have previously caused extreme panic.


“I would like to thank you for your help with my insomnia. Having spent the last few years waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to get back to sleep, it was taking its toll. You took time to listen to me & find out what was causing my anxiety.  

You explained what the treatment entailed & how it worked.

I was amazed at how you could get someone to relax & talk to their subconscious.   Now I can sleep and get on with my life!”


Reviews An alarm clock showing 10am and in the background a lady fast asleep in bed
Reviews Anxiety free passengers boarding a plane on holiday

“During the session I was aware of everything happening and I could interrupt, or interact with, the process anytime.

I felt confident to walk out knowing I was no longer bothered about flying.

The test was actually on the day of flying.  I had no fear from going to bed the night before the flight, to waking up, checking in, taking off and landing.”


“My family are so pleased, we will need a group booking! Anxiety and depression are not for life… is for life.

If you have never experienced Hypnosis, don’t hesitate through fear or worry about the unknown, or preconceived opinions from the TV. From the first phone call to the last visit, Paul made me feel safe & secure. 

Everything is explained, clear & non-judgmental.  Thanks Paul.”


Reviews A man talking to his dog happy confident and energetic
Reviews A confident man cubically speaking with a microphone

“I was asked to speak at an event & I was incredibly nervous.

Paul was very professional and put me at ease straight away, he explained what we were doing and why for each part of the process.

Today I gave the presentation & I actually really enjoyed it!

I would never have thought that before I saw Paul, as even thinking about a room of people made me feel physically sick.”


“Paul is amazing at what he does he has literally changed my life. From being frightened to go into a shop to flying halfway around the world and living my dream of visiting Disney. 

His system is fantastic and he won’t give up until he re-trains the mind to be happy.

I never thought I would get my life back but thanks to Paul I have.”


Reviews An anxiety free and confident smiling woman.
Reviews A man on a high bridge looking pas his feet to the street below without fear

“I found Paul to be professional and friendly. Paul made me feel comfortable and safe from our first meeting. 

I no longer have a fear of heights!  I drove in the off side lane and felt comfortable to look down over the edge. I’m well chuffed.”

“When I got off of the London Eye, I punched air in celebration and sent a text to Paul…..!  I did it. I did the London eye.  YAY!”


“I can’t thank Paul enough for helping me with stress. I have found the sessions brilliant and being able to use techniques in day-to-day life has helped so much.

It’s the first time in years I feel like I can deal with things.”


A lady stress-free sitting crosslegged in a yoga pose
A confident woman in a shower of colourful balloons arms out wide

“I renewed my wedding vows in front of all of my friends and family and although I was very excited, I was also quite nervous planning such a big event with a lots to organise. 

Paul worked wonders by boosting my confidence and freeing me from the nerves and the what-ifs and so I was able to enjoy my special day.

The Control System gives effective & lasting results & is quite simply amazing!”


“For a number of years I had problems with de-cluttering brought on by grief. With his help I was able to realise that I had been seeing items as animate objects with feelings and worry that if I got rid of them I would lose the memories of that person, place or occasion.

I had a fear of driving up hills and hill starts due to a problem on my driving test, since seeing Paul I drive without anxiety!

I was able to look at my life, take Control, and Change.”


A pristine cleaned sink and tap after just one clean
A cigarette crushed out on a calendar square when they stopped smoking

“I was a long term smoker for over 40 years. Paul treated me in July 2018 for smoking and I am pleased to advise that from that date I have been a non smoker.

I owe a great debt to Paul as his methods are a great and refreshing way to stop smoking for good. 

I would therefore urge anyone suffering with anxiety, phobias or addictions to seek the assistance of Paul without delay.”


“Paul got me through my driving test!

I’d had previous sessions with him, so with some calls and texts before the date and on the morning, his support and motivation got me through.

I’m so thankful to Paul and will always appreciate his help and support, it’s so encouraging.”


A happy confident driver
A man on a high bridge looking pas his feet to the street below without fear

“Since having seen Paul my fear of heights has become so much more manageable.

I’ve gone from not being able to walk over a bridge without crying, to completing a trapeze, zip wire and an auto-belay climb wall.”

I cannot recommend Paul enough.


“Paul has helped me through a very bad experience with acute anxiety.

I am now fully recovered and back to my usual self.

Thank you Control and Change hypnotherapy. Happily sharing reviews to my colleagues and family.”


An anxiety free and confident smiling woman.

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